#FollowFriday: Frosted Flakes

Our series of great branding or marketing examples continues this week with Frosted Flakes (Facebook). Raise your hand if you just said that in Tony the Tiger’s voice. Now look around. Are you the only one with your hand up? Of course you are, silly. You’re the only one reading this at the moment. We’ve … Continued

#FollowFriday: Samsung

Our ongoing series of great taglines focuses on Samsung this week. Connect with Samsung on Facebook and Twitter. For a very long time, Apple ruled the mobile phone industry with the various iterations of the iPhone. With good reason. The iPhone projected an image of exclusivity, progress, innovation, and a huge “cool” factor. When Google launched … Continued

#FollowFriday: Audi

Our ongoing series of great marketing continues this week with Audi. Follow them on Twitter, connect with them on Facebook, and watch them on YouTube. What is the truth? Is it factual information? Is it a gut feeling? Is it what we choose to believe? The truth is all of that, and more. Audi is … Continued


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