4 White Hot Digital Marketing Trends for Summer 2017

4 White Hot Digital Marketing Trends for Summer 2017

Remember the pre-digital days? Driving to the music store to listen to your favorite artist’s newest album. Referring to the newspaper for local movie theater showings. Waiting weeks to rent the newest top grossing film from the video store. Future generations will simply never understand the way of the world before the web, and with … Continued

retargeting for conversions

Retargeting to Increase Conversion Rates

Part 2 of 3  |  This is a three-part series on Digital Marketing Are You Missing Out on a Huge Opportunity? What are you doing with the traffic your website receives?  If you’re not retargeting (AKA remarketing), you are losing out on a huge opportunity! I’ll bet most of your traffic does not convert to a … Continued

PPC ad example

Reach Active Buyers with Paid Search

Part 3 of 3  |  This is a three-part series on Digital Marketing Paid Search is a form of advertising that—when done right—puts you in the top positions of search results.  It’s beneficial because you can reach people actively seeking to purchase your products or services in-the-moment. On the other hand, you can blow a lot … Continued

SEO increase search visibility

Enhancing Your Search Visibility via SEO

Part 1 of 3  |  This is a three-part series on Digital Marketing Answer This:  How will people discover your unique website among the billions of websites online? This can be a scary question, considering the fact that having a website alone is not enough in today’s competitive digital economy.  You need to build and … Continued


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