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Caledon Virtual Guest Blogging Guidelines

We will publish most articles within two weeks of submission if all guidelines are met.

Topic Guidelines

We are looking for relevant content that will inform our readers.  We are a full-service performance digital marketing agency, so please keep this in mind when considering your topics.

Topics We Are Looking For

  • Website Design & Development
    • UI/UX
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
    • Social Media Advertising
  • Google Ads Management
    • Paid Search Ad Strategies
    • Display Ad Strategies
    • YouTube Ad Strategies
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • E-Commerce Design & Development
  • E-Commerce SEO

Writing Guidelines

Please follow all guidelines for the best chance of publication.

Your Bio

Please include your bio and a headshot with your submission.  Bios should be no longer than 200 words.  You may also include up to 2 links.

Word Count

We are looking for content that is at least 1,100 words.  Inform our audience with fantastic research and in-depth analysis.  Submitting case studies that you have completed as digital marketing research is encouraged.  Showcase your knowledge and skills, but above all inform.

No Promotion

Please do not submit promotional material.  We will not accept articles that promote you or your brand(s).  You are allowed 2 promotional links in your bio, but please use supporting 3rd party references and citations in your article as much as possible.  If a link to your own website makes sense and offers relevant supporting material then we will allow it in the article.  Please don’t include more than 1 link to your own website(s) from within the article.


Including images, videos, or infographics is strongly encouraged.  We reserve the right to add media to your article if you do not include any with your submission.

Original Content

All content submitted should be original work.  Quotes and referenced material should either be cited or listed with the appropriate HTML tags/attributes (such as <blockquote>).  We will check each article submitted for plagiarism.  Your article must cite relevant resources, case studies, or authoritative websites that are aligned with the subject matter.   Again, if a link to your own website makes sense and offers relevant supporting material then we will allow it.  Please don’t include more than 1 link to your own website(s).

Guest Blogging Submission

Max. file size: 4 GB.
Max. file size: 4 GB.


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