Facebook Announces GIF Support

Facebook Announces Support For GIFs

GIFs are on Facebook. Not linking to them. Directly available on Facebook without having to leave the site. Our feelings on this subject can be seen here, but we explore them more in depth in this week’s post.

Caledon Virtual interns

A Week In The Life Of A Caledon Virtual Intern

This week’s post comes from our social media intern, Kayla Eiffert. She attends the University of Arkansas with a major in Advertising and Public Relations. We asked her to tell us what her first week at Caledon Virtual has been like. You are here: your home for the next three months. You don’t know anyone, … Continued

3 Life Lessons The Mad Men Finale Gave Us

The Mad Men finale gave us everything you would expect of the series. Satisfying endings for (most) of the characters while leaving it all open to interpretation. We picked up on 3 life lessons to be learned from the Mad Men finale.

#CoffeeWithCaledon: LinkedIn Tips and Tricks

Social media has revolutionized the marketing world. The ability to target a relevant audience is greater now than at any other time in history, and that includes business to business (B2B) marketing. The crown jewel of B2B social media is LinkedIn, with more than 347 million users globally and more than 111 million of them … Continued