Flying High or Hardly Flying? A Critique of Columbia’s New Flag

Is Columbia, MO’s new flag design just an image of four men sitting in a hot tub? Or is it a well-crafted reflection of the community, utilizing the great principles of flag design?  Leave it up to Caledon Virtual’s Art Director, Alicia Troesser, to provide a friendly and candid critique of Columbia’s new flag. On Monday, May … Continued

Caledon Virtual Moved

You may have heard a rumor or two that we’re moving into a new space. Well, we’re happy to announce that today is the day. Caledon Virtual moved to 1906 Corona Road, Suite 200.

Sesame Street Marketing Lessons

3 Reasons Sesame Street Is Your First Marketing Lesson

News broke last week that Sesame Street is moving to HBO. Big Bird and friends will air new episodes on the home of Game of Thrones and then make them available to PBS 9 months later. As we reminisced about our childhood and time spent watching Sesame Street, we began realizing how we learned three … Continued

Emotions and Marketing: All The Feels

Marketing has come a long way from the ancient days of the original Campbell’s Soup ad or spicy meatballs. However, one thing remains relevant and more important than ever – selling ideas, emotions, and a brand before selling any actual product. Connections are made through emotions: How does your brand, product, etc. make someone feel? … Continued