Come Celebrate With Us!

We hope you can join us to toast the holidays and take a moment to reflect on a great year. This is a time for friends and family — the friends and family of Caledon Virtual. More information: Map / Directions

Why We Are Thankful

We could do a BuzzFeed style article telling you what we’re thankful for and make it 50 or more items long. But this isn’t BuzzFeed, and we’re not looking for inflated click numbers. We want to focus instead on why we’re thankful for the many things we enjoy. This has been a monster year for … Continued

WordPress “Oscar” Now Available

When we’re creating content in WordPress (i.e. posts, new pages, etc.) it’s a pretty straightforward process. We won’t get into the magic of our creative ability here, but suffice it to say WordPress has always made publishing content to the web a breeze. With its latest release, nicknamed “Oscar” for jazz pianist Oscar Peterson, what … Continued

Facebook To Bring Video Ads To Your Timeline

Love it or hate it, most of us spend at least some time on Facebook every day. Baby pictures, cat memes, political rants, you name it and we’ve seen it scrolling by. When Facebook went public last year the big question was how it would create revenue. The obvious answer was (and still is) advertising. … Continued