Setting Up Your Organization’s LinkedIn Page

Surely you’ve heard of LinkedIn by now. Did you know it could be more valuable for your business to have a LinkedIn page than a Facebook page? It’s true! Our J. Michael Roach has a great post up on our sister-company KimberMedia’s blog about how to get started. Check it out!


This is great place to start.  Interestingly, the word “blog” has created a lot of fear and confusion in many of the clients we work with.  The term seems to create a picture of a personal, feeling-oriented and unprofessional website – great for sharing with friends, but not appropriate for doing business or generating leads. … Continued

Call to Action

Perhaps the most simple, most effective, yet most often overlooked tool in marketing communications.  You paid for the ad, paid for the media, the customer notice it, and watched, read, or listened to it.  Now, what should they do next? 


Everything begins with the website.  It’s the essential part of any online strategy, and the hub through which most, if not all, of the other tactics will flow.  Without a website, other online strategies, for the most part, have no foundation.