#FollowFriday: MoDOT

It’s not Friday. You’re absolutely right. However, if there was ever a more appropriate time to do a #FollowFriday in the middle of the week, we can’t think of it. As Old Man Winter rears his head once again today, we want all of you to stay safe and warm. That means staying home (our … Continued

#FollowFriday: Break Time

Have you noticed how the standard response from most people has changed from “I’m good” to “SO BUSY” when you ask them how they’re doing? It’s sad, but true. All of us are becoming busier and busier every day. As our lives fill up with appointments, it’s important to make sure we remain fueled. That’s … Continued

#FollowFriday: KT Diamond Jewelers

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is already three weeks past us. Seems like just yesterday we were enjoying all the eggnog and sugar cookies we could handle, without an ounce of guilt. We’re more than halfway through January already, and that means Valentine’s Day is staring us down already. And its a staring contest … Continued

#FollowFriday: Must See the “We Always Swing” Jazz Series

After a long day, there’s nothing more relaxing than coming home, pouring a glass of wine (this is Nelly’s favorite glass), and listening to jazz music. It is quintessentially American and our preferred way of winding down after a stressful day. How do we have good taste in jazz music? Simple. The We Always Swing … Continued