We’ve Switched to a Four-Day Work Week!

Caledon Virtual, after months of research and planning, is moving to a four-day work week. Effective, July 6th, we’ve been on a Monday-Thursday work schedule. Have you heard of this work week schedule? After reading about the benefits and planning what this would look like for our agency, we’re excited about this for our team … Continued

Marketing with a Purpose: Internal Startup Day

Marketing With a Purpose: Caledon’s Internal Startup Day

You’ve heard the phrase often: “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” It’s an idiom that expresses the importance that good things take time. Our team at Caledon Virtual challenges that phrase each year during our Internal Startup Day.; This idea is based on Startup Weekend, where a (large) group of strangers gather together for 54 hours … Continued

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How to Make the Most of Your First Summer Internship

Like many college students around the country, your summer internship has either already started or is about to get underway. You have presumably had jobs in the past, but this is your first real opportunity to see what a career in your chosen field is actually like. This will not be like your ten hours … Continued