Rob Roach

Business Development Manager

Currently the Director of Business Development, Rob has been around Caledon Virtual since its very beginning. He identifies market needs by conceptualizing and developing initial market segmentations, pinpointing opportunities for growth, and implementing both sales and growth strategies. He enjoys working with niche markets and constantly growing in his knowledge of them and what can be offered to them.

Rob enjoys learning about the human personality and higher conscious in order to fully experience the potential he is capable of, both in and outside of the office. He leads an active lifestyle, enjoying both tennis and running. He can also be found spending time with his partner Brandon and their 3-year-old Corgi pup, Oakley – the true head of the household.

Before his return to Caledon Virtual, Rob spent two years developing digital marketing strategies for clients in the fashion and retail industries. He enjoys working on the analytical side, collaborating with clients and utilizing their creativity in order to develop solutions to marketing challenges. Among his professional accomplishments, he is most proud of helping increase sales for a team of three in just a few months.

It’s his determination to mentally better himself in both his personal and professional lives that makes him a true #badass.