Peter Robe

Peter Robe, development intern

Get to know Peter, a web development intern who uses effective communication to gain ultimate client satisfaction. Currently, he is studying computer science and mathematics at the University of Tulsa.

Peter is lighthearted and a bit eccentric, making him a perfect addition to the CV team. He has a passion for creating, and says he decided to pursue coding because it was like a sandbox to create in. He also enjoys the laid back atmosphere that often comes with computer science.

Peter is a #badass who uses determination and talent to get the job done!

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By Peter Robe

The Future of SEO

Google recently celebrated its 19th birthday, demonstrating that search is neither a new fad or an old concept. It plays a significant part in every aspect of our lives. Have a question about how something works? Google it. Need directions to the nearest Starbucks? Google it. Search has become a fundamental part of how your … Continued

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Come Celebrate With Us!

We hope you can join us to toast the holidays and take a moment to reflect on a great year. This is a time for friends and family — the friends and family of Caledon Virtual. More information: Map / Directions

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