Jade John

Quality Assurance Intern

Jade is our Quality Assurance specialist. Using attention to detail, she monitors websites for errors and relays them to web developers, makes website alterations, records navigation instructions for clients, and proofreads content. Jade decided to pursue marketing because it is constantly evolving and expanding. She enjoys how it involves elements from a multitude of different fields, and the endless number of possibilities marketing provides.

Before starting her position, Jade didn’t realize the importance of quality assurance. She says developing a product is one thing, but making sure it functions the way it’s supposed to is another. Ensuring that our client’s are receiving products of the highest quality possible is her favorite part of the position, and she believes having an open line of communication throughout an entire project is essential.

Jade is studying advertising and marketing at Columbia College, and her determination and resilience is what sets her apart from others. She knows obstacles are sometimes unavoidable, but navigates around them and never lets them stop her. Jade is #BADASS because she uses her failures to find other, more creative solutions!