Abbey Donahue

Digital Marketing Strategist

Abbey Theban

Abbey is a top-notch digital strategist with unmatched social media skills. She uses creative thinking, planning, and collaboration to achieve results beyond client expectations, and values the strong communication required to do so. Her strategy for client satisfaction is quite straightforward: after building an authentic relationship to instill trust, Abbey communicates with clients regularly to get a better understanding of their business and goals.

Abbey has a bachelor of journalism with an emphasis in strategic communication, and a minor in business from the University of Missouri. After graduation, she moved to St. Louis to work at agencies like FleishmanHillard and The Vandiver Group, where she created digital marketing strategies, various content, and more traditional PR initiatives like press releases and crisis plans. To her, marketing is the perfect blend of creativity and communication—two areas in which she flourishes—and she values working around others.

Abbey was born and raised in Oklahoma. She looks up to her dad, who has taught her that kindness and hard work leaves a lasting impression on others. She is inspired by his example of authenticity, and strives to be just like him.

Outside of Caledon, Abbey enjoys hiking, running, photography, baking, rooting for the OKC Thunder, and obsessing over giraffes while listening to Carrie Underwood—a fellow “Oklahomie.” The creative spark she brings to the table every day makes Abbey a true #BADASS.

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