The fact is, 71% of all clicks on Google occur on the first page of search results.  The top five listings on Google receive 68% of all clicks.1


This is why SEO is important to your business.

As you know, most people search the Internet to discover what they’re looking for.  If your target audience doesn’t see you on Google, how will your brand be discovered?  Will they instead stumble upon your competition?

The Digital team at Caledon Virtual consists of well-qualified SEO professionals who live and breathe Search Engine Optimization.  We study Google’s best SEO practices and Search Engine Optimization Guidelines.


Our SEO team is local, working from our Columbia, Missouri office.

Many marketing agencies outsource SEO overseas, where often times the English language isn’t understood clearly, which can negatively affect your website’s position in search engines.  We also see bad practices commonly used when these agencies put an unrealistically heavy workload on their employees, which leads to poor work quality.

At Caledon Virtual, our SEO experts work right here in Columbia.  We’re familiar with our clients, their unique advantages, and their industry.  Our team takes the time to learn about your business and your objectives, and then acts boldly to enhance your position in Google and other search engines such as Bing.


SEO Research and Results

Do you know what people are searching to find you, or your competitors?  Our SEO team researches this information when working on optimizing your website.  We’ll determine what people are searching, and how to reach them most effectively.

SEO is a race, and it’s very competitive.  Although results can oftentimes be achieved quickly, SEO is a long-term strategy, where you become better and better over time.  Our digital team is committed to helping you win this race and gain the edge over your competition, and then remain ahead.


Need SEO services in Columbia, globally?

Contact us today and discover how our Columbia, MO-based SEO team can help your business prosper.


1 Source: Advanced Web Ranking: The impact of blended search results on organic CTR in 2014


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