HUNTtags offers a lifestyle brand of products that provide practical uses for hunters. Their products were created to provide pertinent information to a hunter’s outfitter, friend, or first responder in the event of an emergency.


Every product purchase comes with an “adventures worth sharing” function, which allows users to log their hunts into a free online profile. Users can enter the dates they are going to be out in the wild, as well as the state or the outfitter they are with. Within 24 hours before they go off the grid, a private message board is opened to all those that they choose to connect with, providing a sense of community for those left behind.


HUNTtags was in need of a new website and branding to promote their line of products. They wanted to attract committed hunters and adventurers who desired more than just thoughts and prayers, but a connection with people in similar situations who could relate to them.


HUNTtag’s new branding would have to reflect the passion and practicality of their mission. Likewise, their website would have to convince hunters that their product line is useful, explain the multifaceted features they offer, and serve as an online platform for hunters and their loved ones alike.

Game plan

We decided to come up with a comprehensive design strategy for HUNTtag’s website and branding that would communicate their passion, purpose, and expertise.


We created a platform to attract hunters and convince them we could meet their specific needs, all while working toward the ultimate goal of improving their overall hunting experience. We also created t-shirts, hoodies, and hats to provide a current, practical way to promote the hunting lifestyle.


After collaborating closely with the brilliant creators of HUNTtags, we were able to develop content for their website and create a brand that they felt represented them well. With so many assets to offer, we created a website that was easy to navigate and understand, detailing the unique features and purposes of their many products.


We carried HUNTtag’s branding over to a line of merchandise, including hats, t-shirts, and sweatshirts to provide more options on their e-commerce platform. Ultimately, we wanted to execute a creative strategy that endorsed the lifestyle of outdoor adventure.


It was an honor working with such a passionate and informed group of people, who were willing to do whatever was needed to help their business grow. We provided HUNTtags with a new website, a new brand, and a variety of merchandise to get their foot in the outdoor adventure sphere. Their tenacity to identify, understand and solve the wavering needs of hunters was a huge help throughout the creative process, and we’re extremely satisfied with the online presence we’ve aided them in building.

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