Careers at Caledon Virtual - Columbia, Missouri

Instant Family.

We believe in rallying people who enjoy each other’s company and value each other’s skill. When you work at Caledon, you know there will be a whole team of people who have your back and will cheer you on every step of the way. Bonus: You’ll get to work with smart, inspiring and collaborative individuals each and every day.

Endless Opportunity.

We’re continually motivated to stay innovative and think outside the box. At Caledon, you’ll have endless opportunity to showcase your potential and contribute, while continually developing your personal and professional skills.

Furry Culture

We love dogs almost as much as we love coffee. We are dog-friendly because they lift our spirits and are cuter than water coolers.

Pursue Growth & Development

Each of our employees take a DISC Assessment, which assesses their personality and communication skills in the workplace and under stress. Each month we evaluate our assessments and continually work on improving our communication and leadership skills. When we grow as individuals, our team grows even more #badass.

Discover Your Potential

We’ve created a culture that rewards bright, driven and fun-loving people. Our pride and innovation spills over into everything we do. Working here at Caledon can be very challenging, but you’ll have the opportunity to push boundaries and discover your true potential.

Open Positions

Help us change how marketing decisions are being made, Join our team!

" Caledon Virtual is more than just a job. It’s a place where my second family is and where my best friends are. I am pushed every day to become better and to experience my potential. From working hard for my clients to laying on the couch and petting the office dogs, Caledon Virtual has truly pushed me to be where I am today. "

"Caledon Virtual is literally like family. Only, instead of dreading holidays and reunions with each other, we LOVE working together as a team to create awesome strategies for our clients. "

" I enjoy coming to work everyday because even though there's always work to do, the atmosphere is very relaxed and I get to do what I'm passionate about, coding websites. "

" My favorite part about working here are the people. We work hard, we collaborate, we create, and most importantly we laugh and have fun together. It’s challenging and rewarding. I show up with a smile and walk out with a full heart because this team is my family. "