Caledon Virtual – About Us

We are a full-service marketing firm that uses a balance of tradition and technology to help businesses and organizations effectively communicate their message and reach their goals.

Caledon Virtual was born under the belief that clients matter, and clients come first. Each business and organization is unique, so we take the time to understand your goals and brand to effectively develop and execute a strategy that will produce results worth talking about.

The results? Better quality, lower costs, faster turn around time. It’s hard to beat.


Our Values

Along with a client-focused approach, we execute all of our services with our core values in mind: Community, Relationships, Integrity, Progress and Communication. Our work is a reflection of our values, and in turn we can make better decisions and return valuable results.


We serve and support our local and global communities. We collaborate with other agencies and organizations in the community in order to contribute our services and make our community a better place. We value community service and lend our time each month to give back.


We maintain positive relationships with our clients, co-workers, community members and stakeholders in order to collaborate and contribute to the success of our organization and community. Through communication and integrity, we foster positive relationships because we believe working together can make all the difference.


We work both ethically and in the public interest, treating people fairly and honestly. We live by our motto of “Peace if possible. Truth at all costs.” Caledon believes that through our work, relationships, successes and failures, it is best to always do what is right, not what’s always easy.


Communication is the key to both our career and individual success. We encourage our employees, clients and stakeholders to maintain open lines of communication, so that we continually strengthen our team and grow as individuals.


At Caledon, we are always looking forward. Our dedication to progress allows us to be innovative, smart and confident in every decision we make. Issues that arise that can be roadblocks for others are merely speed bumps in our book. No matter what comes our way, we look to sustain our process and continue moving forward towards our goals.

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